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The US Soccer National training Center approved

Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas government approved the plan!

US Soccer National Training Center site
US Soccer National Training Center site
Sporting KC

The commissioners from the Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, Kansas voted unanimously Thursday to approve the development agreement allowing a 170-acre soccer village to proceed.

The development will include the US Soccer Federations National Training Center and Coaching Development Center as well as eight tournament soccer fields and ten more futsal courts. Officially construction will begin in September but prep work to clear the ground and infrastructure improvements has already started.

US Soccer has already agreed to a 20 year lease of the National Training Center and will be the primary tenant. National team coaches and teams are expected to be resident for an average of 300 days a year between the men's, women's and various youth teams.

While design is far from complete, the training center is expected to house the most modern and "world-class" equipment and facilities. An indoor training site that would allow full field size scrimmages and drills is likely as well.

The addition of the tournament fields and futsal courts will fulfill Sporting Kansas City's obligations to build fields from when Sporting Park was built.

Future additions to the site may include office space for US Soccer, a hotel, medical research and health care providers.