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The Blue Links: April 29th, 2015

New jerseys, new jerseys, Montreal can make history for MLS tonight, new jerseys, teammates in Brazil fought on the field, and also Sporting KC have new jerseys to be debuted on Sunday.

Feilhaber slots home the PK on Saturday. Did PV reward Benny, or lose confidence in Dom?
Feilhaber slots home the PK on Saturday. Did PV reward Benny, or lose confidence in Dom?
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

New jerseys! Not a drill... we have a new third kit!

I have been waiting for white for a while now, and once again the club did not disappoint. Clean as hell!

As Sporting continue to deal with injuries, the product on the field has yet to hit full stride. While the game on Saturday was exciting it left KC at 6th place in the Western Conference, in the last playoff spot. has SKC at #9 in the power rankings, right where ESPN puts them as well. The Red Bulls top both of those charts having still not been beaten.

A Canadian team has the chance to take the next step for American soccer tonight as the Montreal Impact take on Club America in the second leg of the CCL final, and of the course the opportunity to play in the Club World Cup. Still can't believe that it's freaking Montreal in this postion... but hey go MLS!

Benny's golazo is up for the GOTW. Now just in case you wanted to pretend like you needed to see the other nominees to make the right choice, the video is below.

Speaking of Benny if you haven't yet, PLEASE go donate and vote for the Mullet in the "Master of the Mane". Words cannot explain how badly I want to see him running around the field with that 'stache and a mullet.

Chance Myers sees light at the end of the tunnel! He has been playing neutral roles in short scrimmages and is still due to come back at the beginning of June. Jalil Anibaba has been filling in there at RB this season and has not been awful. But he seems to lose patience and results to launching hopeful balls up field to Dom that never amount to anything. I've seen a lot of people doubting that Chance will come back at full strength, but Benny Feilhaber disagrees with you:

"It's not slowing him down. Obviously, he wants to work back in, and he doesn't want to go from what he is now to full go in a day. But it doesn't look like it's bothering him. It won't surprise me if, when he does finally get back, that he's the player he always has been."

So now that the novelty of playing in Yankee Stadium is wearing off, it seems crazy to think that NYCFC will truly try to play real soccer on that little field for THREE YEARS. From SBI, there is a new report that the club is considering a stadium site at Columbia University.

Everybody loves a good 'almost fight' but these two teammates in Brazil absolutely went ALL OUT on each other. On the field. During play.

And just in case you are not having a great Wednesday, here is a little something to give you brief respite...