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SKC Third Kit Debuts: Get Your Tide to Go Pens Ready

Sporting Kansas City introduces a snazzy new third argyle kit that a lot of us knew was coming, despite Robb Heinemann denying it.

Courtesy of Sporting Kansas City

Well, the long difficult days of Sporting Kansas City clashing with other team's primary and secondary kits are over, for at long last, they have an all white ensemble to wear just in case.

SKC Third Kit

Beware the large picture, for it is the only one good enough to show. But look at that thing, not too shabby at all. The much loved, though very rarely successful in actually winning in them, argyle has made it's return after last being seen against Manchester City last summer. Everyone's been clamoring for a jersey, and here it is. What a lot of people are forgetting though is that this jersey leaked a while back, the ladies jersey got posted on the new MLS Shop, and everyone just thought of it as a style jersey, oh well.

But we're silver now. Silver Kansas City. Badge is silver, which looks odd but fits, MLS logos are silver too. The SKC lettering on the neck looks odd since it's not really a part of the branding, don't know how I feel about that. Those argyle socks are rocking though, not as great as the striped kit socks but dang.

But most importantly, the Aurelien Collin/Kei Kamara Memorial Collar has made it's long anticipated return as well! Hope you're all prepared to pop that sucker up on a warm July Saturday at the tailgates in the lot, cold beer in hand, truly realizing how awesome you are.

Overall, it looks good. Was it needed yet? I don't know, especially since the new Sporting blue kit is light enough to not clash with everyone except NYCFC, but that one game worked out in the end. Try it on, if it looks good on you, kudos. Don't quite know how it'll be for the average fan, we do get covered in BBQ sauce quite easily.