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Transfer window closed on Sporting KC's search for defensive help

The primary transfer window has closed and it appears that SKC search for center back help may have to wait until the summer window

Vermes has been searching the world over for defensive help
Vermes has been searching the world over for defensive help
Thad Bell

Ever since Ike Opara limped off the field with an Achilles tendon injury on April 11th, Sporting Kansas City manager has been looking for some help at center back. With the primary transfer window closing Tuesday, that search is even harder and may have to wait until July now.

Major League Soccer's primary transfer window closed Tuesday night, meaning that any incoming players that are under contract with a club overseas had to be completed by that time or they could not join their new team until the secondary window which opens on July 8.

Looking, always looking

Whenever Vermes was asked about the search, he readily admitted he was trying. He was still working on it through the last day of the transfer window.

"Possibility of something but we'll see. I would love to get a central defender but I just don't know if it's going to happen," Vermes admitted before the window closed. "If something comes through, great. But if not we will have to wait for the summer window."

"It does not mean it is closed completely. If a player is out of contract then you can keep working a free agent into the team," Vermes explained.

Trades within MLS are subject to the transfer window now.

When asked  if he was still working those option or the possibility of getting a team to let a player out of their contract, Vermes replied, "Everything is up for grabs, it's like ‘Let's make a deal' right now."

No announcement yet

With no announcement from Sporting KC and sources making it sound unlikely that one is forthcoming, it appears that Vermes did not make a deal before the window closed.

Update:  Trades within MLS are now subject to the transfer window as well and the story has been corrected to reflect the 2015 rules. This is different than previous rules.