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Juventus still only formal interest in Palmer-Brown

Juventus may be the only club to make formal offer, but more are expected soon

Palmer-Brown is expected to gather interest from multiple clubs
Palmer-Brown is expected to gather interest from multiple clubs
Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

We have been following the very slow deal of Juventus acquiring Erik Palmer-Brown from Sporting Kansas City for a year or more. It has been confirmed multiple times now that Juventus has made offers for the young defender.

A couple days ago, an Italian site mentioned that Fiorentina and Sporting Lisbon (Uri Rosell's club) have interest in him also.

Sporting Club CEO Robb Heineman confirmed Monday that Juventus has had contact but they are the only team to have formal contact. Heineman went on to say that he is, "expecting many more soon."

It may be that Heineman expects Palmer-Brown to do well at the U20 World Cup or because transfer windows will be opening in Europe soon or likely a bit of both.

In either case, with Palmer-Brown now graduated from high school, getting time with the Sporting KC first team and playing on an international stage, he should be getting the attention of at least a few clubs.