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Lazio mid Cristian Ledesma was a target for Sporting KC

Sporting KC needed a holding midfielder and they were interested in Ledesma.

Cristian Ledesma was a target for SKC
Cristian Ledesma was a target for SKC
Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Recently reports that Sporting Kansas City are interested in bringing veteran midfielder Cristian Ledesma to Kansas City in the summer transfer window. The report says that there is "ongoing contact between Kansas City and Ledesma's entourage, and the MLS club are confident of wrapping up a deal soon for the play-maker."

According to sources, Sporting KC and the Lazio mid were in talks in the past but currently (as of Wednesday around noon), there was nothing going on and had not been for a while.

That can of course change pretty rapidly. Sporting KC could receive a call from his agent saying they would take less money and he would jump to the top of the list.

Ledesma would appear to have been an option for defensive mid that Sporting KC needed after Uri Rosell left for Portugal.

With seasons coming to a close in Europe and players contracts ending, there should be lots of rumors.