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A look back at Zoltan, Kansas City's first Hungarian forward

Before Krisztián Németh, the Wizards had high hopes for Hungarian forward Zoltán Hercegfalvi

Zoltan's time with Kansas City was cut short
Zoltan's time with Kansas City was cut short
Thad Bell

The last time Sporting Kansas City (the Wizards still) played a team from St Louis was in April of 2010 when they played a home and home series against short lived AC St Louis. One of the promising forwards on the squad was Hungarian Zoltán Hercegfalvi. The Wizards won that match 2-1 on goals from Santiago Hirsig and Zoltán.

Zoltan had joined the Wizards in late July of 2009 on loan from Budapest Honvéd FC. He made his first appearance in a match versus Chicago on August 16th, Peter Vermes' first match as interim head coach. Vermes brought Zoltan on in the 63rd minute but his debut was short lived, he received a straight red in the 85th for a tactical foul by clipping a Fire player from behind.

Vermes was the translator for Zoltan

Vermes was the translator for Zoltan

After his suspension, Hercegfalvi was able to get more used to the Wizards and the style of play in MLS and went on to score twice in October. It was evident in the waning days of the season that Zoltán could be a dangerous scorer for the Wizards. While he was not likely to ever become that ‘Sporting Fit', run every player down in the Dom Dwyer mold, he did have a nose for goal and a knack for getting into dangerous positions.

The 2010 preseason saw Zoltán showing well and Kansas City manager Peter Vermes was looking forward to a variety of attacking options with Josh Wolff, Kei Kamara, Ryan Smith and Teal Bunbury providing a lot of different looks up top.

The second friendly versus AC St. Louis in 2010 marked the end of Zoltán's career in MLS however. A clumsy (to be kind) tackle injured Zoltan and he would sit out the rest of the season recovering from a torn ACL.

The Wizards were happy with his work to recover and made an effort to purchase his rights from Budapest Honvéd FC for the 2011 season. Some confusion over the transfer fee between MLS and Budapest Honvéd FC created a dispute and eventually Hercegfalvi was returned to his original team.

Budapest Honvéd FC did not seem to want Zoltán back and his stock dropped quickly at home. Currently Zoltán plays with Sc Zöbern, a lower level team in Austria.

It would have been interesting to see what Zoltán could have done in 2010 if he had not torn his ACL or if he could have come back in 2011 if a deal could have been reached. Many fans do not recall Zoltán but with a little different luck they may have been thinking about Krisztián Németh following in his footsteps.

This was supposed to be a Throwback Thursday post last week while on a short vacation but apparently hotels in Colorado do not like providing me internet.