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Sporting KC's Sinovic still out

Sinovic suffered a collision in early May and is still feeling the effects

Sinovic has been unavailable since May
Sinovic has been unavailable since May
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

In Sporting Kansas City's match against DC United on May 9th, two SKC players took knocks that had fans worried. Graham Zusi and Seth Sinovic both took blows to the head at different times and both passed the protocol to continue playing the match.

Zusi ended up feeling the effects a few minutes later, sat down and took himself out of the game. Sinovic finished the game and everyone thought he was fine, with the main concern being about Zusi. Graham took some time off but returned to the lineup a couple games later while Sinovic has still not made an appearance.

Last week after a practice, manager Peter Vermes was asked about Sinovic.

"Just taking the time, he's got to feel comfortable. It's not up to any of us, it's how he feels comfortable.  He is still going through the protocol they have him going through."

Monday, when running down the list of who would be unavailable, Vermes had this to say about Sinovic.

"Seth hasn't trained one day, he hasn't done any transitional stuff. Seth's got a long haul in front of him."

Everybody is different and every concussion is different but Sinovic's condition is definitely in the starting to worry time frame. Even if he started training today, it would take some time to get game fit again.

Hopefully he will fully recover soon and be back to playing.