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Waltman returns home to sign with Tacoma

Comets lose Danny Waltman to the Tacoma Stars

Waltman was consistently one of the best keepers in indoor soccer
Waltman was consistently one of the best keepers in indoor soccer
Thad Bell

The Comets lost one of the best keepers in indoor soccer yesterday when it was announced that Danny Waltman signed with the Tacoma Stars. Waltman was in goal for almost every game of the modern Comets including winning the MISL championship in 2014.

For Waltman it is a return home to play for a club that he dreamed of playing for in his youth. His father was one of the owners of the original Stars and a young Danny would always be around the team, dreaming of when he would get to suit up.

Before last season, Waltman signed a two year contract with the Comets but one of the agreements was they would let him leave to go to Tacoma if the Stars moved from the amateur level to the pro indoor league. That happened in the middle of the season last year when scandal plagued Seattle was replaced with Tacoma from a lower league.

Danny's father would often travel to Kansas City and other locations to see his son play. With his dad getting older, Waltman can now be close to his family in the area as he wraps up his career.

The Comets lose not only a great indoor keeper but a true fan favorite as well. Waltman would do backflips off the wall during his introduction and always be one of the last to leave autograph sessions and normally with a trail of kids wherever he went.

Now Danny can lead the kids at home and maybe inspire a few future keepers in the Tacoma area like he already has in Kansas City.

Danny Waltman loves doing backflips

Danny Waltman loves doing backflips (Thad Bell)