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Zusi may be unavailable versus Panama

Zusi picked up a knock versus Haiti and may not be available

Zusi did not fully train yesterday
Zusi did not fully train yesterday
Thad Bell

Tonight, when the US faces Panama in the last match of Gold Cup group play, they may be without the services of Sporting Kansas City's Graham Zusi. United States Soccer head coach Jürgen Klinsmann acknowledged that Zusi was doubtful.

During the press conference on Monday, Klinsmann was asked about Zusi and his comeback from injurie and getting back into form.

"He has a tremendous positive attitude; he gives you everything he has. Quality wise, can he be better? Absolutely. He also picked up a little knock in the game and couldn't train today. In warmups he was fine but then had to jump out." - Klinsmann

In the brief time media was allowed in practice, Zusi spent some time with trainers and talking with Klinsmann before starting to warm up with the rest of the team.

Zusi was supposed to be evaluated today to see if he will be able to go but with the US already having won the group, there is no need to risk him. If Zusi is unable to go it will be disappointing for Kansas City fans who would love to see him take the pitch for the national team in his home stadium again.