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2015 MLS Salaries Released: Sporting Kansas City Salary List

Roger Espinoza is the highest paid Sporting KC player, but Luis Marin's mystery salary does not appear in the 2015 list.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Major League Soccer Players Association released the 2015 player salary list, revealing the base salary for several Sporting Kansas City players who signed new deals since the last salary reveal.

With MLS roster compensation being as convoluted as it is, there are different things that will not show up in the salary reveal including allocation money, retention fund, Garber Bucks and every other salary mechanism MLS came up with last week.

Anyways, here is the list of Sporting KC salaries with a couple of extra Dynamo salaries thrown in to keep the table easy to read.

You can compare this year's salaries to last year's here. While Sporting KC did lose the salaries of Aurelien Collin, Claudio Bieler and Uri Rosell from last year, the additions of Espinoza and Mustivar, as well as the new deals with Zusi, Besler and Dwyer have increased Sporting KC's guaranteed compensation by nearly $2 million, coming in at $5,610,975.

Roger Espinoza, a bit surprisingly, is the highest paid player on the team with a base salary at $750k, and we finally see that both Graham Zusi and Matt Besler got increases of about $400k each with their designated player deals they signed in July.

Perhaps the most underpaid player is Benny Feilhaber, who has been a large part in Sporting KC's success this season with five goals and nine assists, both career highs midway through the season. Although $350 base salary is not necessarily low compared to the majority of the players on this list, his production in 2015 could warrant him a large deal in the future that would put him closer to Zusi, Besler and Dwyer in the 2016 salary list.

The salary not listed that many fans wanted to see was former Sporting KC goalkeeper Luis Marin's, who was granted a contract termination earlier this season.