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Sporting Kansas City: Peter Vermes says Dom Dwyer gets "manhandled" but doesn't get calls stars get

The Sporting KC boss lamented the impression that designated players will receive easier calls than his star forward.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Sporting Kansas City technical director Peter Vermes spoke in the press conference following the club's 2-1 win over the Montreal Impact Saturday about the way he feels Dom Dwyer doesn't get the same respect from referees that other high-profile players

"The only thing that I'm frustrated with, and it has to do a lot with our team, is I feel (designated players) get treated differently on the field by referees," Vermes said. "(Dwyer) gets manhandled every game, he doesn't get any calls. Guy on the other team gets touched, falls down and he gets a call and I think that's ridiculous."

Dwyer, who scored his sixth goal of the season against the Impact, has been noted for his aggressive nature as a forward and, despite scoring a franchise record 22 goals for Sporting Kansas City in 2014, Vermes still feels that Dwyer doesn't earn the same calls as others.

"Personally, the person with the ball is always the person the referee should be looking to protect and that's the piece that's driving me nuts right now," he said. "(Dwyer) doesn't even get 50 percent of the respect that the other players get in this league."

Dwyer admitted he feels that there is some discrepancies in the way games are called.

"I agree with what (Vermes) says," Dwyer said."I think there's some inconsistency there and hopefully they watch some video back and there's some changes. If you're trying to battle and stay honest and stay on your feet you think you'd get some calls but that doesn't seem to be the case."

Dwyer is currently fifth in the league in most fouls suffered, earning 45 calls in 16 matches. Those above him include designated players Mauro Diaz of FC Dallas, Giovinco of Toronto FC and Matias Perez Garcia of San Jose. The league leader is Darlington Nagbe, who is not a designated player for the Portland Timbers. Notable stars around the league do fall below Dwyer in fouls suffered, including David Villa with 36, Kaka at 25 and Jozy Altidore with 23.

The stats, however, lose context when they don't show where the foul is committed and whether they resulted in a penalty kick or a dangerous free kick. Regardless of the fouls suffered count, Dwyer does feel that his aggressive nature results in fouls not being called in situations that would lead to higher scoring opportunities.

"I don't know if I need to change things or if they do," he said.