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The Blue Links: July 29th, 2015

All Star game tonight, Kei likes when his overalls show his butt, and the starting lineup for the US Men's National Team using America's best athletes.

San Zusi faces the media in Colorado during All Star week.
San Zusi faces the media in Colorado during All Star week.
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

SKC is now 19/34ths of the way through the regular season (as the Men in Blazers would say) sitting in 4th place in the Western Conference. They have multiple games in hand on every team in the top 6 and still have the 2nd highest Points Per Game. FC Dallas leads the way in that category and the Supporters' Shield race, but I don't think anybody in KC can be afraid of them having beat them 10-2 the last two meetings.

Dallas also leads the way in the latest MLS Power Rankings, with Sporting KC and DC United at 2 and 3.

Benny's golazo in Salt Lake is up for (and the clear winner) Goal of the Week.

Jurgen Klinsmann was at home like...

Speaking of Benny, Bleacher Report ranks top 21 players in MLS... but in their notorious, annoying slideshow fashion.

But that is why you have me! They have been giving Soni Mustivar quite a bit of deserved respect. He was at 19 last week, but got bumped off the list. Krisztian Nemeth is ranked at 17 and Benny Feilhaber at 7.

5. Kei Kamara
4. Ethan Finlay
3. Robbie Keane
2. Sebastian Giovinco
1. David Villa

ICYMI the other day... Krisztian Nemeth talked about coming to America, Ultimate Fighting in a fun interview.

CE: So the zombie apocalypse starts tomorrow, which 2 teammates do you call?
KN: To survive, I would take Benny because he is funny, and maybe Marcel.
CE: Why Marcel?
KN: He would be one of the best guys for that (surviving).

He also said the Jalil Anibaba would last the longest in a UFC ring, and that Benny would last the least amount of time. tried for An inside look at how MLS teams are using analytics... but found most teams don't care too much about it. They found two teams, however, that were on top of it. The New England Revolution and of course, Sporting KC.

"You’re looking at what type of training sessions, or even exercises, that you may do with the players that are either extremely useful for your model of play, or actually detrimental," Vermes explains. "No matter how you play, if you understand the science of it, you can train your team in the model of your play.

"If you want to sit back and counter, you need to train your team that way, to replicate those actions many times over so it can perform it that way," Vermes says.

"I want our guys to be ‘Sporting fit,’" Vermes says. "There’s a certain level of fitness that we want from our guys. And truly what that is, is they have to have a certain gas tank."

Despite the investigations and corruption, Vladimir Putin thinks Sepp Blatter should win the Nobel Prize.

More on FIFA... we have a front runner to replace Sepp in Michel Platini.

Miguel Herrera has been fired as head coach of the Mexican National Team for attacking a reporter in an airport security line.

I imagine the attack looked something like this...

DeAndre Yedlin unsure whether he will stay with Tottenham this season. I would love to see him make it at Tottenham, but more playing time is probably best for him.

All Star week has been in full swing and looked like an absolute blast. You really missed out if you don't have MLS on Snap Chat.


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Zusi and Besler stole his phone and poured ice water on him in the shower. And he also faced off against Kei Kamara in those fun little training games you can play in EA Sports FIFA.. but they did it them in real life.

Feilhaber told this week he doesn't think he can do the mullet again, but he is letting the hair grow out to figure something else out. Also in the article, Kei says you (men) should wear more overalls and let your butt show....?

"To me it’s just a confidence thing – confidence in what you’re wearing. It’s really sexy," Kamara said of his vote for overalls on his all-star wardrobe roster. "I wore that yesterday; my butt’s out, my legs are showing, and I enjoy it."-Kamara

Wondering about Clint Dempsey's rap career?

Neither am I.

But I will share this article because he was asked about a rumored mixtape and responded, "I don’t know about all that," he said at MLS All-Star training on Tuesday morning. "I’m focusing on soccer."

Yes, please do that, Face of the National Team.

Dempsey and Pablo Mastroeni discussed changes to the All Star game format this week. They both want to make it East vs West and the winner gets to host MLS Cup, much like Major League Baseball. I like the idea of East vs West, now that the talent level has risen in MLS. But I don't like the idea of making this novelty game have so much on the line.

ESPN FC took a look at selecting the All Star team based on merit, not reputation. Only Benny makes the starting lineup for SKC on his list.

Erik Palmer-Brown and the MLS Homegrown Team lost to Club America U-20s in penalties last night. Landon Donovan coached the team and was swarmed for pictures by the Mexican youngsters after the match was over. He spoke with ESPN FC about his coaching debut and retirement.

The MLS All Stars take on Tottenham tonight at 8pm on Fox Sports 1.

I leave you with the All-American US Non-Soccer Team. Lebron James and JJ Watt as centerbacks, Ronda Rousey as Right wing-back, Stephen Curry in the central mid and Calvin Johnson at striker!