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Silly Season Rumor Mill : Sporting signing Turkish winger Yasin Öztekin from Galatasaray?

Though my Turkish language skills are somewhat lacking, there seem to be rumblings on Twitter that Sporting are interested in signing Yasin Öztekin from Galatasaray.

9:00 AM UPDATE - We're now hearing from sources that Sporting Kansas City have not and will not be signing Öztekin.

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My Turkish is not so premium, but this caught my eye this morning.

The rough translation being "LAST MINUTE! Sporting Kansas City, Galatasaray, Toprak Yasin Öztekin. (Olasz)"

There also is some discussion of this on the interwebs via Turkish sports sites, but it's not clear if Sporting have signed him or simply made an offer which may or may not have been turned down.

Yasin Öztekin surprise offer

Yasin Öztekin terrific offer!

The number I've seen thrown out is 3 million Euros, or about $3.3 million. Articles also discuss interest from English sides as well as from German Bundesliga side Hamburg.

Öztekin is a 28 year old winger currently playing with Galatasary, having signed in 2014 on a 2.5 million Euro transfer fee and has scored four goals in 20 matches for them.