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Injury Update: Vermes gives updates on Anibaba, Anor, and Opara

There is a long list of players dealing with injuries at a very unfortunate time for Sporting KC as they have 5 games in a 15 day span. Vermes spoke about the progress of several players like Jalil Anibaba, Bernardo Anor, and Ike Opara.

Sporting KC has had to deal with its fair share of bumps and bruises this season.
Sporting KC has had to deal with its fair share of bumps and bruises this season.
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Sporting KC is in the middle of a crucial stretch this season and has to play 5 games in 15 days. Peter Vermes was asked about being shorthanded but he doesn't even seem phased by it at this point.

"We've been that way for I don't know how long. I mean really.. I can't remember when we were all the way healthy."

Beginning of this season? Or maybe not even since the beginning of LAST season?

Let's take a look at all of the injuries the club is dealing with right now.

Roger Espinoza:

Sesamoid fracture in his left foot, will be OUT about for a couple months still.

Seth Sinovic:

He is still recovering from a concussion suffered on on May 9th against D.C. United. He has been going, what looks to me, like full speed while scrimmaging in practice for the last couple weeks. Currently listed as DOUBTFUL, but he is getting closer.

Ike Opara:

Suffered the Achilles injury in April (four months ago) and the injury report says he was to be OUT 4-6 months. When we asked Peter about him, he sounded encouraged... but didn't divulge much.

"He's progressing well, he really is. He is progressing really well. But time-frame, I couldn't tell you." - Peter Vermes

Jalil Anibaba:

He has been out the last few weeks with a thigh strain. I see him doing drills on the side of practice and working late as he progresses. He looks good but is listed as QUESTIONABLE.

"He's in a transition mode. He's not fully fit yet." - Peter Vermes

Soni Mustivar:

He has suffered a groin strain in the last couple days and is listed as QUESTIONABLE heading into the San Jose match.

Bernardo Anor:

He is listed as OUT with a left ankle strain. After starting the first game of the season he went into a reserve role and we hadn't seen him since April. This week at training Peter explained he has dealt with two different injuries.

"He's just struggling with his ankle injury that he has. He's not ready even to come into transition phase yet. He was fine, back playing again 100%, and then he blew his ankle out in a scrimmage game we had here." - Peter Vermes

While SKC could use more depth anywhere on the field right now, especially up front, it looks like Anor is still going to be out for a while.

Graham Zusi:

Working on getting fully fit after a calf strain suffered while warming up in Toronto. He has been training (in part at least) with the team the last few days, but Vermes said on Tuesday he would have make a decision about Zusi being available later on Wednesday. The DP is listed as QUESTIONABLE, but it is definitely possible he will be in the 18 for San Jose.


On top of all the actual injuries, it is possible somebody will just need a break having played so many minutes lately. Vermes has some choices to make and the lineups for the next couple games (San Jose on Wednesday and the Columbus Crew on Saturday) will be very interesting.