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Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades

Close, but not close enough. In which our heroes almost walk away in victory, but instead limp away to fight another day.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

The game? The game. Lets talk.

Started with a Dom volley just over the bar. Some Columbus possession. Lots of it, actually, but then a good counter. And then... Well. So first and firstmost, our own Cody predicted this, which was, yeah, totally insane and also correct.


De Jong!?!

So, yeah, looked like things were going well.

But then. But THEN. Columbus? A goal. The "equalizer" as they call it? Offside?



I actually think the red line doesn't line up parallel to the 18 yard line, but he looked offside to me on the first short, and the rebound looked offside as well. But the were close. And I'll be the fan who says he hates to blame refs on close calls.

This has been an odd season for me as a Sporting Kansas City fan. I'm so used to good defense.

Anyway, next thing was next and Graham Zusi did this.

Gotta admit, I was feeling good at this point. But. But. There's always a but.

And then... I don't know. Fatigue? Frustration?

Toni Tchani scores in the 80th minute.

JackMack in the 88th.

Sporting played well. Real well, I though. Our biggest weakness felt like a big strength. For much of the game we defended well, but mistakes were made. We didn't get the ball to our playmakers enough, but when we did, they made plays. Dom Dwyer should have been more involved.

At the end of the day, Columbus out shot, and out controlled SKC, but I thought we played well. We had a wine. We just couldn't hold on to it.

Benny comes back next week, and hopefully Graham Zusi's hammy isn't an issue. I still feel good about this team. But that last ten minutes was, ouch...

Also, this.



Well done, Columbus. My cat's breath smells like Barbasol.

Anyways, onward and upward. The road trip continues, as do the Road Warriors.