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#SKC3v3: the Ultimate Three-A-Side Challenge

"Uri" Rosell (right) and Benny Feilhaber (center) were two popular staff picks for #SKC3v3.
"Uri" Rosell (right) and Benny Feilhaber (center) were two popular staff picks for #SKC3v3.
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It was nearly midnight, and still I sat in the press box of Sporting Park, alongside The Blue Testament’s own Thad Bell and others. The U.S. Open Cup quarterfinal against Houston had ended long ago and our work was finished, but important topics—well, marginally important topics—remained on the table for discussion

One question I posed to the group of fellow journalists around me seemed to spark an especially good conversation: If you had to make a 3v3 team consisting of any three players from the Sporting Kansas City era (2011—present), who would you select?

Below, you’ll find the 3v3 teams of each Blue Testament contributor.

Isaac Knopf: Oriol "Uri" Rosell, Benny Feilhaber, Krisztián Németh

Rosell—who I always thought could be an attacking center-mid with his vision and distribution skills—would primarily be the "anchor" of the team. Benny Feilhaber, with his deft touch and pin-point passing, could slip the final ball into Mr. Hungary himself, who—as we know—is pretty good at getting his shots on target.

Jough Donakowski: 2011's Omar Bravo, 2013/14's Oriol "Uri" Rosell, and 2014/15's Benny Feilhaber

Bravo was really dangerous, still capable of playing for Mexico and scoring in bursts, Benny as a playmaker who's playing some of the best all around soccer in the league, and Uri great on the defensive end with awesome vision and distribution.

James Starritt: Dom Dwyer, Kei Kamara, Benny Feilhaber

Nobody defends in short sided games.

Thad Bell: Krisztián Németh, Oriol "Uri" Rosell, Soni Mustivar

My team defends in short sided games.

Cody Bradley: Benny Feilhaber, Kei Kamara, Krisztián Németh

Benny is my obvious choice and is perhaps the GOAT for this era. Nemo is in there for his being so lethal. Kei just barely nudged out Zusi for his finishing ability.

Ben Gartland: Benny Feilhaber, Krisztián Németh, Kevin Ellis

Nemeth, a very accurate striker who scores very often when he puts the ball on target, is a big gain for this type of game. In smaller spaces, accuracy is big. Benny is the most versatile midfielder SKC has and can play any of the positions in SKC's system. He's perfect for this game because he can charge forward on the attack and also defend well. Ellis is a quality center back but also has a history as a forward. A defender who has the ability to score can help make the 3v3 team an attacking power.

Grace Rogers: Oriol "Uri" Rosell, Benny Feilhaber, Krisztián Németh

Uri and Benny have excellent passing skills, and Nemeth scores whenever he shoots. Plus, you’ve got Uri in the back in case your 3v3 team needs defense.

* * *

What say you? Leave your Sporting Kansas City 3v3 team in the comments or tweet it out using #SKC3v3.