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From the Training Ground: Sept 16th

Sporting KC were back at it today in training after a rough road trip. Peter Vermes answered questions about his team's recent form, injuries to his players, and the topic of embellishment.

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The boys have returned home after a rough road trip and got back to work today, something Peter says is the key to getting confidence back and busting out of the slump.

Look, we just gotta get to work, thats the bottom line....It's never easy when you don't win a few games. Each individual guy is different. You've got to know what gets you back to where you gotta be, and that's work. - Peter Vermes

Here are some quick shots from Swope Soccer Village today:

Scenes from the training ground today #SportingKC

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It isn't simple luck as to why Sporting KC has had three rookies not only stay with the club, but have success on the field. Staying late to get in some extra work!

Rookies staying after to put in some extra work

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Dwyer's red card was rescinded from his off the ball activities with Mateos, was Vermes surprised by the decision?

He wasn't expecting it to happen, but does acknowledge the league taking long looks at embellishment.

"The same thing happened to (Dom), he fell down and got a yellow card and got fined afterwards by the Disciplinary Committee for embellishing. Which I supported. I agreed with it. And he knows that. I had that talk with him. So from that perspective I thought it may be (rescinded), but whether it actually comes down or not is a different story." - Vermes

So is he looking for any disciplinary action on Mateos for the flop?

"No that's not for me to decide, that is for the Disciplinary Committee."

Peter Vermes was asked if he had any real concerns with the recent run of form from his team:

Vermes on if he is concerned about #SportingKC run of form

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A lot is being made among SKC Nation about the drop off this club has seen the passed two seasons, both occurring right around the same time. However, Vermes is not buying into any of that:

Vermes makes no connection between his team slumping late in the season two years in a row.

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The past two seasons Sporting KC have been riddled with injuries, and THAT is what is frustrating for PV

Vermes cites some tough injuries as a possible reason for slumps the last two years

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Injuries to Ike Opara and Roger Espinoza are probably just unfortunate, freak incidents. But some people are worried that the intense style of play and the idea of "Sporting Fit" may be affecting this team negatively.

For the record, Peter and his staff are not just simply crazy people working their employees to death. He understands the difference between a freak thing like Ike Opara vs Soni Mustivar having to sit out a few games.

"I mean he jumps up for a header, I don't know how you get around those. Those are the ones that are more difficult to deal with. Muscle injuries are different ones when you get those. You don't want to sit back and try to have an excuse for everything. But take Soni, he is a great example. He played basically a whole year with his team and never had a break. Normally he would have been off for the summer and then start back up in August. So he never had a break and his was probably more of an over usage injury than anything else." - Peter Vermes

So what would you have had Vermes do with Soni? Bring him here to KC and then just sit around?

I am not buying this anti Sporting Fit sentiment going around at all. The high level of training that is done with this squad is a great thing and I think it is a reason they've won points, like the come back against Vancouver. This swoon came when SKC lost both Roger Espinoza AND Soni Mustivar. Plus Feilhaber was out one of the games! You may hate me for saying it, but some horrendous refereeing also could be factored in there. Handball against Houston, Kei offside in Columbus, and about 3 missed calls on one play in Colorado.

Yes, SKC has not played well as of late. But no, it is not because they are Sporting Fit.

Speaking of injuries, how about an update Peter?

Vermes on injuries. Melia day to day, Myers fully training, Okugo back training but not with the team.

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Melia is day to day, so we won't know if he is ready to start quite yet, but he was out there. Chance Myers is good to go at RB. And Amobi Okugo is still on the mend. He is running on the side, not with the squad.