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Kansas City has two chances for Glory

Sporting Kansas City and FC Kansas City both the opportunity to add to the cities soccer glory this week

The last time Sporting KC won the Open Cup
The last time Sporting KC won the Open Cup
Thad Bell

Two chances for Glory

What a week it could be. Kansas City has two opportunities to add to our list of soccer trophies this week. Tonight Sporting Kansas City will try to win their third Lamar Hunt US Open Cup in Philadelphia. Thursday night FC Kansas will try to repeat as NWSL champions when they face the Seattle Reign in a rematch of the 2014 final.

No offense to all the other cities in the United States but we want all the trophies. I know, I know. We can't win them all but we do have recent history of competing for them. Not just competing for those trophies but actually winning some of them. Since 2010 when the Wizards "narrowly" missed the playoffs by seven points, Sporting KC has made the playoffs each year.

Each year getting better, building the base. Winning an Open Cup, the MLS Cup. Manager Peter Vermes has high expectations of how the team will perform and if you don't live up to it, he has no problem blowing up the roster and reloading.

Sporting KC play is a direct representation of Vermes. Sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly, but if it is not uncompromisingly hard, all out and smart, the players will be "allowed" to move on.

In the NWSL, no team has been as consistent in results or as devoted to playing the "right way" than FC Kansas City. They have made the playoffs each year of the young league and are in their second straight final. Vlatko Andonovski has his imprint on the Blues as well. Pass, move, possession, making good runs are all hallmarks of Andonovski's teams.

Dear Philadelphia

We have no hate for you, except for a couple hours tonight. The home of the Liberty Bell, Tun Tavern (a special place in my heart), Rocky and so much more, we want you to succeed. Bring in fans, become better on the field, become relevant in the market and be a thorn in the side of the New York and DC teams forever. I hope at some point in the future you add to Philadelphia's proud soccer tradition and put your name in the same breath as Bethlehem Steel, but hopefully not tonight.

Dear Seattle

Ok, we do have a little hate for you over the years but it really all comes from the Sounders and some of their fans. I know, the same fans in many cases but no animosity with the Reign. They play good soccer and are always good games for the Blues. In MLS Seattle has a bit of the evil empire feel to them but in the NWSL it is Portland (yes Merritt Paulson we are looking at you). The NWSL was "convinced" to play the final in Portland and after finishing first, Seattle will have to play away at the home of a big rival. So while the Reign have my sympathy for the final being moved away from them, tomorrow night I hope the Blues destroy them.

For the Glory of the City

Both of these teams could bring more glory to the city and if they don't we will still support and love them. But if they do, if they do win, they can both add to their legacy, their trophy case and be forever shining spots in Kansas City history. T