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Graham Zusi: "Ike is Back!"

Graham Zusi took over the Sporting KC Snapchat ahead of the Open Cup Final and it was funny as usual. But did he drop a hint about the return of Ike Opara?

We like Ike.
We like Ike.
Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Followers of Sporting KC on Snapchat were treated by a takeover from Graham Zusi.

While that was exciting... he also teased us with a shot of Ike Opara and he screamed...

"IKE! IKE! Ike is baaaack!"

Now Zusi was in rare form in this snap. He was being goofy and messing around. So he was just joking about Opara right?

Then WHY I ask you... why was Kevin Ellis spotted at the Liberty Bell today around noon without the rest of the squad?


Wouldn't you think a starter for Vermes would be with the team getting in the zone for his big game in a matter of hours? Maybe Kevin has been told he is not starting tonight and that he could relax a little?

Is Ike Opara set to make a triumphant surprise return to bring back a Cup to KC?

We have not seen him in practice with the team, but as of late, the team has had a lot of closed practices. A normal person would need more time to get match fit... but scientists have yet to verify if Opara is even human.

You be the judge...

OK so maybe we are stretching a bit here. Technically it is possible but it is indeed highly.... HIGHLY unlikely.

But if by some miracle this were to happen, we are going to win the Cup and truly show Philly what the Cauldron and The Blue Hell are all about!