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New bar in PNL District is like No Other Pub in KC

The space for Sporting Kansas City's new concept has not worked very well in past attempts, but No Other Pub fills a need, it is unique, and it seems like a home run for Sporting Club and the Power and Light District.

Noooooooooo other Puuuuuuub.
Noooooooooo other Puuuuuuub.
Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

No Other Pub is just over a month from opening inside the Power and Light District in downtown KC, and this time that space is going to work. Sporting Kansas City and Sporting Club know their market and what it wants. More ways to consume the product of SKC is what it wants.

John Moncke, Sporting KC VP of Brand Revenue explains, "This is a brand extension for us. We’re really excited to expose new people to the brand and for those who know us to experience the brand in a new way."

The bar is moving into a spot that, as a bowling alley, has struggled through a couple different closings. But a bowling alley does not align with anything else in the PNL district. People are not going to PNL for a bowling night. Deciding to go to PNL is almost the opposite of deciding to go bowling.

While No Other Pub will indeed keep four lanes, this new idea is much more than that. "This is a totally new concept," Moncke said at a media event last week. "Within the concept we’ve got a cool sports bar, a social lounge, and we’ve got games integrated into the space. So what was done there in the past is totally different."

It was confirmed that the bar will be open for all the early morning European games, but don't worry, this is not going to go the way of the Futbol Club KC. Both parties stressed it is not just a soccer bar and that people will want to be there other than early morning soccer matches.

"You can watch everything relevant in the soccer world," says Executive Director of the PNL District Nick Benjamin. "We’ll be showing every important game whether their national or international. But it’s also a place where you can watch any sports that are relevant to Kansas Citians."

It is very clear PNL and SKC make a point they do not want to shut out people who are not fans of the team or fans of the game. They are doing this right. If you want it to be your soccer bar, you can definitely make it that. But this will be a place that all people can go watch any sport and have fun like any other bar in PNL.

The gaming parlor, all the local beers and spirits (that you will apparently be able to pour yourself from a tap at the table), and even the taco stand are all aiming at the millennial crowed. But Benjamin says it is "for anyone who likes sports and having a good time in Kansas City." He didn't want to limit it to KC, however. "(The experience is) unmatched and unparalleled in this market, and we think it's going to be a draw not just locally but for people all over the region."

The relationship between this ownership group and it's supporters has always been incredible and Sam Kovzan from Sporting KC explains the whole concept and of course the name, "certainly showcases how important the Cauldron is to the club."

Especially with the way things are going for the Colorado Rapids right now, as a supporter of this team you have feel very lucky. Sporting Club legitimately let supporters have a say in the design of the stadium! And that fan involvement continues today. I spoke with Zachary Cobb, a Cauldron member, about this new idea.

"The team reached out to the Cauldron about the idea wanting to get supporters involved. The team and our organization have a great history of working together to make something the best it can be and you see the results of that every game at Children's Mercy Park. We look forward to helping make NOP a place that all SKC fans can enjoy year round."

PNL finally has this space figured out with No Other Pub. They have their market, the brand awareness, a location with endless traffic and a very unique idea. Look for it to be opening around February 22nd.

March 6.... #SEAvSKC.... No Other Pub... Be there.

I hope this establishment is ready for how much beer soccer fans throw in this city.