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Report: Potential FC Kansas City buyer identified, Sporting KC passes

Sporting Kansas City has reportedly passed on buying FC Kansas City as a potential Minneapolis buyer has been identified.

Thad Bell

Following up on the rumors that FC Kansas City might be up for sale, there is now a report that a potential buyer has stepped up for the NWSL team.

Based off of Wahl's original report, this could possibly necessitate a relocation to Minnesota in a worst-case scenario for Kansas City. Minnesota United FC is slated to begin their MLS tenure in 2017, so the soccer culture is certainly growing up north.

FC Kansas City was one of the original eight members of the NWSL in 2013, which has now turned into a 10-team league. There has not been a relocation in the four years the NWSL has existed, only two expansions.

The owners of FC Kansas City also own the Kansas City Comets, the indoor soccer team, but there have not been similar rumors about the sale of the Comets.