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Potential buyer for FC Kansas City confirms interest

Minnesota businessman is in negotiation for Blues but does not plan on moving team

FC Kansas City is up for sale
Thad Bell

The news popped up a few days ago that there was a possibility of the two-time NWSL Champions FC Kansas City being sold. Today the name of the potential buyer was revealed. The interested buyer turned out to be Elam Baer, founder and CEO of North Central Equity LLC in Minneapolis.

Baer confirmed by phone his interest in FC Kansas City and that negotiations are taking place, “I am in discussion with the current owners. “

While Baer understandably did not want to discuss too many details since negotiations are in process and did not want to possibly affect those talks in in some way, he was willing to communicate the current status.

“I am in discussions with regards to the women’s team only, the NWSL team, FC Kansas City. There are lots of other parts to that organization, the Comets, the youth club and all of that; I am not in discussion with regard to any of those,” Baer stated.

“The question you probably want answered is do I have any intention to move them out of Kansas City,” Baer continued. “The answer is no.”

FC Kansas City is an original NWSL team and has played in Kansas City all four years, winning two championships and making the playoffs the first three years.

What this will mean for the Kansas City Comets and the FC Kansas City youth club that are owned by the same group is unknown.