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Huw Williams stepping away from FC Kansas City

A report is saying that FC Kansas City general manager Huw Williams is gone.

Huw had the opportunity to coach his daughter Nia with the Blues.
Thad Bell

FC Kansas City’s front office may see a shake-up soon as general manager Huw Williams is no longer with the club.

Dan Lauletta of Equalizer Soccer was the first to report, then it was confirmed by The Blue Testament’s Thad Bell.

Huw Williams has been the general manger of the Blues since 2014 and also acted as an assistant coach since the start of the team in 2013. He helped guide FC Kansas City to two championships in 2014 and 2015, as well as a playoff appearance in 2013. 2016 was the first time in the team’s history that they did not make the playoffs.

The circumstances regarding his departure are not known at this point. Check back here for more updates as they become available.


Got off the phone a few minutes ago with Huw Williams. He confirmed that he was stepping down to focus on GSI Sports and other activities. Being the technical director for FC Kansas City and general manager for both FCKC and the Kansas City Comets left him little time.

“I did resign today, it was just the right time with all I have going on at GSI and always feeling too busy, always stretched,” Huw Williams explained. “I have been thinking about this since the end of last season.”

Williams is the Sports Manager for GSI Sports, setting up and managing tours and camps revolving around soccer and increasingly other sports as well. He also runs some of the best loved soccer camps in the area over the summer.

Full disclosure: My daughter has attended his camps the last two summers