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Sporting Club CEO Robb Heineman talks potential signings in Twitter Q&A

Robb Heineman, CEO of Sporting Club, fielded questions from fans in another Twitter Q&A. Wide ranging topics covered potential new signings, predictions about the upcoming season, changes to Children's Mercy Park, and problems facing MLS.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Last night Sporting Club CEO Robb Heineman answered questions in yet another TweetnFly with fans. Flying from KC to Tuscon, he was tweeting for over an hour. Robb loves to troll and he's been known to say too much (or maybe just speak too soon), so these things always come with the "take it with a grain of salt" warming. But it is definitely great to see the ownership reaching out and listening to fans.

He responded to basically everything, so I've compiled the more relevant tweets.

After a few flight delays, he (reluctantly) opened himself up for questions:

Naturally.. the fans wasted no time and came out swinging:

Is he planning on replacing Nemeth?

Anymore signings this window?

Who fills the shoes of Nemeth this year?

When you look at this roster as it stands, I think some of the missing goals/assists from Nemeth can be covered. I see Dom taking a step forward, Zusi having a bounce back year, and a combination of Brad Davis/Justin Mapp contributing as well. Also don't forget the 19 year old Hungarian, Danel Salloi. I saw two things from him in training: he needs to bulk up for the physical play of MLS, but he has a really deadly shot.

That being said... finding a true backup for Dom (or a 2nd striker to bring on late in games) would make me feel much better about the Sporting KC attack this season.

In talks with any potential DPs?

Hints on positions of potential DP signings?

What position would this young DP play?

Is there any chance of signing a new forward before the 12th? If so, will it be a big name?

Yes it's possible attacking reinforcements are coming, no it won't be a big name. They are always working to bring players in, so try to not dissect his words too much.

Was there any real interest in PV from abroad?

I'm sure there is always real interest in PV from somewhere in the world, but it would take a really good offer to lure him away.

Any acquisitions from the English Premier League in the near future?

Will we sign anybody under 40?

Haters gon' hate, Robb!

Vermes to coach USMNT?

What kind of player is he looking for?

Targeting anyone from Bundesliga?

Was the young CM signing for the Rangers?

This is about Kevin Oliveira. He is on the latest SPR preseason roster and should be arriving in Tuscon within a few days. He's got everyone around the club pretty excited, so he is definitely a Ranger to keep an eye on.

Is Marcel De Jong staying with the team?

This really is not much of a surprise anymore. He wasn't with the team in training last week, and his salary is too much for a backup LB.

Speaking of those missing from training last week...

Will Anor or Okugo be on the opening day roster?

This doesn't really tell us much about any roster moves, but it is quite telling of how the club, or at least Robb, values those players at the moment.

Thoughts on Columbus Crew's new kit?

No but really, they're terrible.

What is the biggest improvement he expects to see this season?

This is a solid prediction here. You've got to be feeling pretty good about the squad's defense right now. This time around we will get a full season from both Soni Mustivar and Tim Melia, young fullbacks Dia and Abdul-Salaam are no longer nervous rookies, Opara is ready to get back on the field, and of course, the new Portuguese CB Nuno André Coelho.

Update on the national training center?

How likely is it Vermes switches formations from 4-3-3?


Expectations for the team this year?

Favorite non-SKC player in MLS?

Any upgrades to in stadium experience in 2016?

Budget and reality aside, what would he add to CMP?

Why does is seem like the Galaxy can just do whatever they want?

Probably a good call...

Expectations for the Swope Park Rangers?

Coolest part of No Other Pub?

Last year wasn't amazing, and now we lost nemeth, please comment on how this year will be an improvement.

How about a throwback game with old school Wizards jerseys?

That is unfortunate.. but there was also this:

How long until an alternate features a nod to the rainbow?


Biggest threat in the Western Conference?

Is it gettin easier for u to get overseas players to SKC as the team establishes itself?  Is KC easier to sell these days?

How much is he willing to spend on a transfer fee?

Biggest challenge MLS must overcome to sign better talent?

Would he rather win MLS or CCL?

Does Vermes, SKC, or MLS get the most nervous when he does a Q&A?

Vermes has mentioned shadow teams around the world with similar style of play that he looks at for players. What are some of those teams?

Expectations for last year's rookie class?

Bold prediction for team to represent Eastern Conference at MLS Cup?

Magic number for MLS teams?

Any changes after 2 straight seasons with too many injuries?

20 years from now do you look back at first years as SKC as golden time (before too much $) or springboard to huge things?

How many goals from Dom this year?

And then Dom chimed in...

Who, besides Benny, should be called up to USMNT?

Alternate names that were considered during rebrand?

Love all of KC's fountains, but I for one am glad that missed the cut.

Is it time for MLS to get out of the way or do we still need metered growth in regards to players and $?

Besides SKC, MLS team he enjoys watching the most?

How many USMNT matches will be played at CMP in 2017?

What game is he most looking forward to?

He finally wrapped things up at 11:30.

Some of the questions got weird and some people chickened out and deleted tweets after he responded, so here is his full feed if you want to take a look.