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Sporting Kansas City locker room antics in Tucson

The Sporting KC squad is having an absolute blast as they prepare for the 2016 season in Tucson. They are building locker room chemistry that should come in handy when the season begins.

This is the time of year for a team to work hard, come together and build chemistry. Sporting Kansas City have been doing just that as they prepare for the season in Tucson.

For several years now, this club has cultivated a very good clubhouse mentality. These guys have a really good time together and are just one big family. You can see they all genuinely want to play well for each other and do anything they can to help the team.

The same core of this team is of course still around, but with several new guys in the squad preseason is an important time to figure each other out and build rapport. If you were wondering about how Brad Davis would mesh after on field spats during his time with rival Houston, you can see he appears to be having himself a good time with his new team.

Nothing but net! #SportingKC

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I wonder how many takes this one took..

Throw it down, @mattbesler! #SportingKC

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Nice form, Bes.

But don't you worry, they aren't just goofing around and having too much fun. They're on the grind too.

Afternoon lift. #SportingKC

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