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Sporting KC opens No Other Pub concept in downtown Kansas City

Sporting KC's new sports bar in the Power and Light District had its grand opening last night so I stopped by to see what No Other Pub is all about.

Sporting Kansas City finally opened up No Other Pub yesterday and provided me with the perfect excuse to drink multiple Tank 7's on a Monday. It is a huge space with TV's everywhere you look, two pretty big bars, and good food. I think it is going to live up to expectations and be a great place to take in a game.

That corner of the Power and Light District has never been utilized very well and many will tell you in the past it was the best place to go to the bathroom or get a drink... because it was always empty. But they have done a huge overhaul and turned it into something really unique.

There are four bowling lanes left, but what they got rid of opened up a space the size of another bar itself. NOP spans that entire second level of the PNL block and has entrances on either side.

Front bar

Front bar

Second bar in back

Second bar in back

The bars are both really good sized although it will take a big game to truly see if they are large enough. There is plenty of seating and televisions everywhere, but the back looks to be the main area to sit and watch a game. The wall of TV's is quite impressive. The projector screen is absolutely huge and Zusi's long flowing locks will be a sight to see on there. I've asked around and it does sound like they are going to be open early mornings on weekends for all the European league fans.

This all used to be bowling alleys..

This all used to be bowling lanes..

Wall of TVs

Wall of TVs

Like I said, it is a huge space, but I am still kind of surprised that there's as much room dedicated to games/activities as there is. A lot of them will be fun but that's not really the reason I will be coming here. They've got ping pong, beer pong, Foosball, shuffleboard (table top AND old people version), billiards, 4 bowling lanes, 2 virtual golf booths, and an arcade. Only bowling, golf and the arcade cost money.

It says they are supposed to have darts, but they are nowhere to be found right now. A waitress pointed out where they were at one point, but it's now a seating nook.

I can get behind all of the games and activities except I probably would never play old school shuffleboard. It takes up a pretty big area and I can't see it being used too much. That being said, I did see at least one group playing every single game in the bar. But I heard a rumor that they may be looking to switch this area to soccer pool which would be amazing!

The arcade is full of games that will send millennials back to their childhood. The most important game of course being NFL Blitz 2000. There was also an X-Files pinball machine that still had a $4999 price tag on it. They brought in straight antiques for us to play with, you guys.

There is another area off to the side I'm looking forward to when summer rolls around. A garage door and railing face Grand and the Sprint Center, so it looks like that can turn into a balcony. It is in a prime spot for one of my favorite activities... people watching.

Garage door opens to Grand

Garage door that opens to Grand

All of the food I tried was really good as well. That taco stand in the back is pretty cool. You can get the bar's full menu right here.

Perhaps my favorite part of the bar is the collage of KC sports teams and the year they were introduced. From the Packers, the first pro sports team the city ever had in 1914, all the way up to FCKC in 2013.

They did a good job of the bar being SKC heavy while making it a place for all sports as well. There are cool pictures hanging everywhere included these two iconic KC sports images.

Soooo KC! #NoOtherPub #sportingkc #Royals #chiefs #SKC #kcmo #PowerandLight #KC

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When the club announced the idea, they mentioned beer taps at individual tables. I was a bit disappointed to not see that, but the servers were all very friendly with pretty quick service, so I think I'll survive. The music was a good variety with a lot of alternative and plenty of throwback songs for millennials. The bathrooms were really nice, but they were only at the front and it seems like a big place for one bathroom.

Check out the website for all the specials and any other information you need.

I definitely had a good time at the Grand Opening and I'm pumped to see it filled with the my Cauldron brethren on game day. That first "No Other Club" song at No Other Pub is christen this place.