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Sporting Kansas City unveil new secondary kit in Super Bowl commercial

Sporting Kansas City has unveiled the new secondary kit with the long awaited commercial during the Super Bowl. It is an indigo jersey with pale blue horizontal stripes.

Looking good, Dom.
Looking good, Dom.
Sporting Kansas City

The new Sporting Kansas City secondary kit has finally been revealed today during a Super Bowl spot narrated by KC rapper, Tech N9ne. In the past, this team has done a great job of keeping the jerseys from leaking, but this is the jersey that has been floating around on the internet for a while after a picture of the jacket surfaced.

I like the kit more now having seen the actual jersey. May not be as risky or stunning as ones in the past, but this is pretty damn slick. It is more subtle and still very stylish.

The pale blue horizontal stripes across the indigo jersey is sleek and in line with Sporting brand and Ivy Funds as the sponsor again fits in seamlessly.

The three jerseys together, for me, are still by far the best of Major League Soccer and we will again have the cleanest looking squad in the league.

In other words... JUST TAKE MY MONEY!

Here is the full spot: