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Sporting Kansas City to sign a foreign forward

Vermes stated after practice they are working on signing a foreign forward

Vermes stated they are signing a foreign forward
Vermes stated they are signing a foreign forward
Thad Bell

Sporting Kansas City manager Peter Vermes and CEO Robb Heineman have all mentioned they are trying to sign another player or two in the current transfer window. After practice Tuesday morning, Vermes made it sound like they were very close to a new forward.

"There is a guy we are signing in a couple days hopefully, when he comes through he comes through but there is a foreign forward that we are signing," Vermes stated.

Vermes added that he did not want to give the name yet and he confirmed it was a signing for the senior team but would give no other details at the time.

With the news that Marcel de Jong and Sporting KC had parted ways today, there is plenty of room on the roster (25 of 28 spots filled) and it also opened an international slot.

MLS is currently in the primary transfer window which should last into May (in 2015 it ended on May 12th) so Sporting KC can still sign players for two more months.

Any guesses who it could be? Portuguese, Spanish, Hungarian or another nationality?