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Comets advance to Conference finals after sweep of Milwaukee

Comets cruise by Milwaukee in series sweep to move onto Eastern Conference series

Wave keeper Nick Vorberg knows it will be a long game after an early goal
Wave keeper Nick Vorberg knows it will be a long game after an early goal
Thad Bell

Over the weekend, the Missouri Comets made a clean sweep of the Milwaukee Wave, beating them 10-5 in Milwaukee on Friday and 8-2 Sunday at home to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals.  In both matches, the Comets were able to establish a lead in the first half and then just clamp down on the Wave.

Sunday, the Comets scored early on a restart goal by Vahid Assadpour just three minutes in to the match. When the Wave equalized at seven and half minutes the Comets came right back with a restart goal by John Sosa to regain the lead before the ten minute mark. A goal from Max Touloute a minute later would be all that was needed (but not all that was scored).

"I was very happy we scored those goals," Comets head coach Vlatko Andonovski stated after the match. "One of the things that championship team needs to do is perform well on special teams and restarts. I was not pleased with our special teams but definitely very happy with our restarts."

With the lead going into the second quarter, the Comets added a goal from Alain Matingou and to continue the pressure on Milwaukee.

After the half the Comets added four and the Wave could only respond with a single goal despite going to the sixth attacker very early in the fourth quarter.

"I think as a team we matured very well throughout the season and when we got a lead, very rarely did we allow teams to get back in the game or too close to us," Andonovski added. "I'm very happy we were able to close the game down and we started to close it down early in the game, early second quarter."

"It's very disappointing," Wave head coach Giuliano Oliviero stated. "We came off a high from beating the mustangs last week even though we were coming in to play the 17 and 3 Comets, the hottest team in the league. They are a cohesive team, they've had a core group together for a long time now and that really made the difference, it really showed. They knew what each other was doing next and we had a tough time adapting this whole series."

Man of the Match

Max Touloute had a hat trick and was dangerous all night to earn the Man of the Match.

Next up is Baltimore

Despite having home field advantage, Baltimore will get the second leg of the Conference series because they cannot get arena availability. The Comets will host the Blast on March 24th and travel to Baltimore on March 29th.