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Great atmosphere in Kansas City but Feilhaber overrated?

ESPNFC's poll of MLS players revealed some interesting results

Yes, Children's Mercy Park does have a great atmosphere
Yes, Children's Mercy Park does have a great atmosphere
Thad Bell

ESPNFC released the results of a confidential, anonymous poll of 123 MLS players Tuesday with some interesting results for Kansas City.

First up is the portion with various questions about the league, salary, schedules and a bunch of other questions.

One of the questions was about which MLS stadium has the best/most intimidating atmosphere.

Portland came in first with 42% with Kansas City following up with a respectable 28% and Seattle at 21%.

A couple response given by players:

"There isn't one stadium in MLS that I consider intimidating. The best atmosphere is Portland. But the best overall experience is Kansas City because they're full and it's grass."

Makes sense that players would not want to say they were intimidated in other stadiums but one respondent did admit to being intimidated although it was not by opposing fans.

"Intimidating to me is playing at FC Dallas at two in the afternoon in mid-July."

It is nice to know that the atmosphere at Children's Mercy Park is appreciated.

The other article listed the most overrated, underrated and favored coaches.

The top ten overrated was heavy on DP's and basically the high-priced players on Toronto, NYCFC and the Galaxy. Diskerud, Altidore, Lampard, Pirlo, Gerrard, Dos Santos, Bradley and Dempsey.

Former Sporting KC defender Aurelien Collin came in at 9th with Benny Feilhaber rounding out the top 10.

Wait, Feilhaber?

Benny "10 goals and 15 assists" Feilhaber overrated?

Benny "finalist for MLS MVP" Feilhaber overrated?

Possibly other players were tired of hearing that Feilhaber should be called up to the National Team again?

Favored coach

Bruce Arena garnered 22% but Sporting Kansas City manager Peter Vermes came in pretty respectable 6th. It looks like as hard as Vermes can drive players with the "Sporting Fit" mantra and high pressure style, players still want to play for him.