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Vermes looking at a "younger" forward

The forward they are working on signing is on the younger side

Vermes would not reveal who they are signing but confirmed it is not RVDV
Vermes would not reveal who they are signing but confirmed it is not RVDV
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

As we reported recently, Sporting Kansas City appears to be close to signing a new forward.

"There is a guy we are signing in a couple days hopefully, when he comes through he comes through but there is a foreign forward that we are signing," Sporting KC manager Peter Vermes stated.

Vermes and Sporting KC CEO Robb Heineman have both said they are working on bringing in players in this window, at least one, maybe two.

The rumor site known as reported that Rafael van der Vaart (hereinafter referred to as "RVDV")  is considering a move to MLS again and Sporting KC was mentioned as having talked with him before. Heinemann did fly over to talk with him last year but nothing ever came from it.

Of course that raises the question, could Sporting KC be pursuing RVDV again or someone like him?

We asked Vermes Wednesday if the player was younger or older. "You know we don't go after old players. He's young-er but he's definitely got quality and he's had some good places that he's already been at," Vermes responded.  For the record, he did say young (slight pause) er.

We mentioned that they had pursued RVDV one point last year and he is again rumored to be coming to MLS.

"That is not him," Vermes shook his head. "Not him."

So we still do not know who or when or even if it will happen for sure but we do know it is not RVDV.

Other than confirmation that it is not RVDV, this no different than what Heineman and Vermes have both said at different times.