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New cameras boost Sporting KC broadcasts

Behind the goal Robo-cams, a Sky-cam and a new producer all add up to an investment in the broadcast for Sporting Kansas City games.

Introducing Skycam
Introducing Skycam
Thad Bell

In order to be as innovative on and off the field as possible, Sporting Kansas City has added two new types of cameras to their broadcast team. The first, a Robo-cam is situated behind each goal. The camera itself is approximately two feet above the goal and captures a different view than fans are used to seeing.

The Robo-cam beng adjusted in the first matc

The Robo-cam beng adjusted in the first match- Thad Bell

Those cameras were in place at Children's Mercy Park for Sporting KC's first match with Vancouver. A great example of the kind of shot that will become normal for Kansas City fans happened almost right away. Dom Dwyer's blast from just 25 yards was almost dead center and tipped in just under the crossbar.

The results can be seen at the end of the highlights on Dom's goal below.

Another interesting view should be on corner kicks and other set pieces with players fighting for space and the ball.


The other new camera should be familiar to fans of the NFL and other sports. Skycam was used at the MLS All-Star game last year but will be the first use of it in regular season MLS games.

The robotic Steadicam is mounted on four cables attached to the corners of Children's Mercy Park. Being able to hover and move across the field will give a different perspective that soccer fans are not used to seeing.

As part of the substantial upgrade to Sporting KC broadcasts, they hired Joe Loverro to be the producer. Loverro was the Royals producer for the last four seasons and brings a wealth of experience producing a variety of sports broadcasts.

"We are very proud to be the first MLS club to bring Skycam to a regular season broadcast," Loverro stated. "Sporting is not only committed to having the best team on the field but this organization is determined to have the best presentation of this team in our broadcasts and across all media platforms."

"Skycam will bring fans closer to the action than ever before and show the game in a more exciting way to better demonstrate the skill, speed and strength used to play at this incredibly high level," Loverro added. "Skycam will make what is already 'the beautiful game' even more so."

Both Skycam and the view in the same photo

Both Skycam and the view in the same photo - Thad Bell

The first use of Skycam was actually in the Swope Park Rangers inaugural match and while it was not broadcast on tv it was used on the live stream. It can be seen in the highlights below.

Salloi's goal from the Skycam

Both camera angles can be seen in these game highlights