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Sporting Kansas City's 34 shots against Orlando City SC

Sporting Kansas City had 34 shots against Orlando City SC on Sunday. It was the 3rd most shots in a regular season MLS game, and the most in club history. Relive the offensive onslaught.

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Sporting KC set a club record for 34 shot attempts against Orlando City SC on Sunday. That mark is also good for the third most shots in a regular season game in Major League Soccer history. Finally, one of them went in and they ended a 317 minute scoreless streak.

Sometimes in soccer you just have to see the ball go in the net. You know, get the feel for it and then you can start racking up the goals. Now in this case it was an own goal in the 67' minute.... but it worked, right?

So technically it was 35 shots, but I digress.

The boys were really fun to watch once again. It was a dominant effort all around from SKC. Of the 34 shots, 13 were on target. They managed those numbers while only conceding seven shots to Orlando, not one of which was on goal. Yes, finishing may still be an issue. But at least now they have the monkey off their back.

Would you look at this? I mean just LOOK at it:

And now..... here is every single Sporting Kansas City shot against Orlando City:

Zusi sets the tone for the match in the 3' minute with #1.


Roger has a long range attempt blocked for #3.

He looked so good and ready to put one in, but Zusi really messed up #4.

Brad Davis looked in the mood as well with #6 and #7.

Coelho thought he might catch Bendik sleeping for #8.


Matt Besler sends in the perfect corner kick throw-in and the shortest dude there gets his head on it for #10.

I was standing up in the press box with my fists in the air when this started to roll to Jimmy for #11. One day, you guys. One day this will happen for him.

#12 was not the touch Davis wanted.

Not entirely sure #13 was a shot from Coelho. But that throw-in though!

Just before half time frustration set in. #13, #14 and #15 were all within a few seconds


Benny Feilhaber opened up the second half with a barrage of shots for #17, #18 and #19 from basically the same spot.

I think Roger is trying to flick #20 on for somebody, but COUNT IT!

And then he punks Brek Shea to set up Dwyer for #21.

#22 and #23 came on the ensuing corner kick.

Dom really should have done better with both #24 and #25. (BrekSheaLOL)

The ball is never going to go in.

Roger again involved in #26.

A DP should be putting #27 away. FACEPALM SO HARD.

Zusi "shross" for #28.

A goal line clearance robs Espinoza on #29.


"Jimmy.. it's Jimmy... HE'S GONNA DO..." - me during #30

And the breakthough FINALLY came on #31.

Teamwork #SportingKC

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Nice turn and shot from Dom for #32.

ANOTHER great throw-in from Besler to Espinoza for #33.

And then SAS tracks that down and sends it back to Espinoza who finds Jake for winning #34.

The Answer answered the call with a game winner. #SportingKC

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There you have it. All 34 shots. This doesn't even fully show the dominance! KC had countless other BIG chances where they just were't quite able to get an official shot off.

THAT is the kind of performance we come to the park to watch. THAT is the team we know they can be.

So watch out, MLS.