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2016 Sporting Kansas City Salaries Released

The Major League Soccer Player's Association released the complete list of player salaries today. We take a look at the wages for each player on the Sporting Kansas City Roster.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

The Major League Soccer Player's Association released the list of player salaries today, giving us a glimpse at what the new additions are earning this year. A glimpse, that is.

As you know very well, the waters are always a bit murky with the business of MLS. Therefore this list must be taken with a grain of salt. Targeted Allocation Money, retention funds, and other various forms of Garber Bucks mean players could potentially be earning a wage far different than the one stated here.

This number will also not reflect any transfer fees or other bonuses that may have been attached to a deal. Which is why things like this happen:

Without further ado... here is the is the 2016 Sporting Kansas City Salary List:

The full MLS Salary List is RIGHT HERE.

Roger Espinoza leads the way at $800K guaranteed. Then Designated Players Graham Zusi and Matt Besler come in at about $733K each. They are followed by Dwyer at $618K and (MVP runner-up) Feilhaber at $412K. Notably, the recent Young DP acquisition, Diego Rubio, is earning $333K this year.

Sporting KC shelled out good money for a few veterans this year as well. FUN FACT: Justin Mapp signed the first ever MLS Free Agent contract for $239,070. MLS Legend Brad Davis is earning a solid $355K. And Nuno Coelho, who has basically been MVP so fa, stands at $375K.

The total comes to $6.75 million which is an increase of over one million from last year ($5.61 million). You can compare to last year's list RIGHT HERE.

Now, the MLS Salary cap is set at $3.66 million for the 2016 season. Spending nearly twice that number at $6.3 million (BASE salaries), Sporting Kansas City has clearly put a hefty sum of TAM/GAM money to work. They've acquired this money straight from MLS itself, as well as from transactions like Uri Rosell and Krisztian Nemeth.

Just exactly how much of that money they have left to play with, is of course, a mystery.

There you have it, KC. Who is making too much? Who is making too little?