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Kyle Beckerman on Benny Feilhaber: "We don't worry about one Bozo"

Kyle Beckerman was asked about last year's quotes from Benny Feilhaber, and he said they were 'petty' and called him a 'bozo'. Is it a good idea to give Benny extra motivation?

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week the Salt Lake Tribune asked midfielder Kyle Beckerman about the ongoing rivalry between Sporting Kansas City and Real Salt Lake.

FULL ARTICLE: Kyle Beckerman chips in on RSL's ongoing rivalry with Sporting KC | The Salt Lake Tribune

More specifically, they asked him about last year's critical quotes from Benny Feilhaber. Before a match against them last season, Benny had some fun in an interview stirring up the pot a bit. "I don't like them," he admitted. "I like playing against them." He went as far as calling them "snobby".

The comments got the banter rolling last year and it added some extra spice to that match. The Tribune was looking for more of that this time around, apparently.

The reporter asked Beckerman if those comments stick with them, or if they melt away over time. He gave him the option to brush it off, to realize they are old comments and this is a new year! But it sounds like Kyle is still a bit salty.

"That's petty stuff," Beckerman said. "Come say it to us, you know? Talk to us. Who are they talking to? I don't know. We're fine. We have no problem with them. I love [Matt] Besler, [Graham] Zusi, Chance [Myers] — these guys are good people. Tim Melia was here, so we actually have a lot of friends over there, so we don't worry about one bozo."

He feels that Benny should have said it to them, in stead of the media. He feels those comments were petty. The article also mentions that last year, Beckerman said he didn't "really want to get into a war of words."

So how exactly did he respond?

He got into a war of words... by resulting to petty name calling... and he said it to the media.

This match tonight should be fun. Benny does not exactly strike me as the kind of guy you would want to give extra motivation. Because that is when things like this happen...