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Coaches view: Sporting KC vs Real Salt Lake 5/21/16

Vermes gave a quick breakdown of Salt Lake

Vermes thoughts on Salt Lake
Vermes thoughts on Salt Lake
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Quick lowdown on Real Salt Lake...

"They have a front four guys that really go fast on the counter, very fast on the counter. I think they are a tough team defensively. They've done a good job, I think it's seven of twelve goals on set pieces, somewhere in that range.  There is a lot of aspects they are good at but you can't take away that they have a core group that's been around the team a long time. They have a fight in them. They have a good mentality to win and tht poses any team a challenge."

Lot of talk about the rivalry...

"I look at it as it's honestly another game we have to play but it's a conference game,  that's where I see it having a huge impact. It's a huge impact when you look at it from that point of view.  Points are important so like the Orlando points, it's like we stole three points from the East, that's how I look at that, it's like stealing. When you're playing an in conference team,  those matchups, those points are huge."

Players do get up for certain matches though?

"Some guys do (get up for certain teams), I would be lying to say some don't, they do."