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REPORT: Sporting Kansas City linked with goalkeeper Raúl Fernández

Sporting Kansas City is being linked with former FC Dallas goalkeeper, Raul Fernandez. A report out of his native Peru claims that the 30 year old has an offer from MLS and KC.

What is Peter Vermes up to?
What is Peter Vermes up to?
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Sporting KC has been struggling mightily with just one win in the last ten matches. With many people focusing on the attacking front as the issue, it is possible the club is bringing in reinforcements at goalkeeper. If this report out Peru is to be believed, Peter Vermes and Co. have a "concrete offer" (google translate) out to former FC Dallas keeper Raúl Fernández that would be through the 2018 season.

A spokesman for Sporting KC has responded by saying there is no truth to these rumors.

Fernández, a 30 year old Peruvian international, played in MLS with FC Dallas for the 2013 and 2014 seasons and posted 11 shutouts over that time.  After leaving he returned to his first professional club, Universitario de Deportes, for which he debuted at the age of 20. It appears he may have suffered a right knee injury, and he's made only 12 appearances in the Peruvian Primera División.

Although the lack of wins for SKC is very troubling, the margins have been small. They have been leading these matches in possession, shots and corner kicks; just simply not able to find the back of the net. One might be looking for someone to be clinical in the final third, or to supply better service for Dom Dwyer. A winger, or an attacking midfielder type, perhaps. For Sporting KC to bring in a keeper, I would be surprised.

However like I said, the margins are small. Maybe PV feels that if a couple of those soft goals had not been allowed, his team would be in a much better position. I personally like Melia and think he can be the guy. But I've got to admit he has upset me several times this season. The games against Colorado, Houston and most recently, DC, come to mind in particular.

Another reason this move would be a surprise is that Vermes has praised Alec Kann, who is waiting on the bench behind Melia. It's seemed as though PV felt he had two capable keepers. And then you can of course go down to Jon Kempin who is with the Rangers, he's been thought to be the keeper of the future. But you can even go beyond him! Zac Lubin is the back up for SPR, and head coach Marc Dos Santos speaks very highly of him. It is possible that Lubin has even taken over the starting job.

With four potential keepers to look at right here in KC - and with other issues to address in the lineup - this would be a surprise move for Sporting.

So what do you think? Is the club no longer as confident in Kempin's future? Do we need a new keeper? Is this report just poppycock?