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Vermes preview of Houston Dynamo match

A couple quick quotes from SKC manager Peter Vermes about playing Houston

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Anyone that has followed Sporting Kansas City the last few years knows the rivalry with Houston. Since the rebrand the two teams have knocked each other off in the playoffs and delighted in ending winning streaks.

When asked what he expected from the Dynamo, Sporting KC manager Peter Vermes first focused on the history of the two teams:

"You can't take away the passion of our games over the years so that in itself is another variable that you have to put into the match that's always going to be there. You don't necessarily know that is going to happen in every other match but you know because of the rivalry we've had, the big matches that we've played over the years. That piece is a variable that you have to count on. So the passion of the game and the fight for both teams will be there."

Vermes then addressed how the Dynamo play:

"What I think about them is that they are a dynamic team, a fast team. They are fast on the counter, they are very aggressive in those moments in the game. The other is I think what hasn't been lost by them in their game by any means that they will bomb numbers forward even when they play balls forward and it's not on the counter they will bomb people forward and you have to match that on the field."