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Rumor: Ever Alvarado to Join Sporting KC

Honduran left back Ever Alvarado is rumored to be 90 percent certain to join Sporting Kansas City.

Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Rumors out of Honduras are that Ever Alvarado is set to join Sporting KC. According to's anonymous source (translated by Google, excuse the grammar not making sense):

"Ever went to the US to incorporate the Sporting Kansas City MLS him and traveled with 90 percent of the contract arranged so it is very likely to stay in American football."

Everything I can find on the internet (with the help of Google Translate since I don't speak Spanish) seems to indicate that Alvarado plays left back. That would appear to make zero sense if you know SKC at all. Jimmy Medranda has emerged as a starter at left back for the team and even without him Amadou Dia and Seth Sinovic play that spot more than capably.

That would lead me to believe that this is actually a move to join the Swope Park Rangers, despite what the source said. Ranger's captain, Christian Duke, plays left back but I wouldn't think that would preclude this move. Duke has left a lot to be desired in his play at left back. Twice this weekend he was victimized for goals against the Oklahoma City Energy FC.

Alvarado also plays for the Honduras National Team. Another famous Sporting KC player is a starter for the National Team as well. Roger Espinoza is possibly the most famous player in the country and he no doubt had a hand in this potential move. Honduras is a country of great violence, perhaps the most violent in the world, so getting out of the country may seem very enticing. Where better to go than to join your fellow National Team star?

Another thing that helps this rumor is that Alvarado is out of contract. That is exactly the type of player that Peter Vermes likes to target. Over the last few seasons Nuno Coelho, Kriztian Nemeth, Jordi Quintilla and Soni Mustivar all joined the club on free transfer.

Alvarado plays for Club Deportivo Olimpia. Olimpia is probably the best team in Honduras as is evident by them winning the league title and the President's Cup in 2015. The President's Cup is a national tournament, much like the US Open or FA Cup. Ever has spent the last two years at Olimpia and his entire career in Honduras.

Ever Alvarado is already 24-years-old. Not that it is old by any means (trust me I know old) but that doesn't fit as nicely with the Swope Park Rangers who are a very young team. That said, it's by no means too old to be on the club. We should know soon if this is going to happen as the summer transfer window in MLS opens back up on July 4th.

It seems like a good signing for SPR from my perspective. The USL allows 30 players per roster (plus an additional five academy players). By my count the Rangers have just 18 players (plus their five academy players) currently on the roster. With five substitutes allowed in each USL game, there is definitely a chance to get more players on the field. In fact, someone is so confident that this move is happening (to SKC) that Ever's Wikipedia page has been updated (I promise it wasn't me).