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SPR: Last minute preview from Coach Dos Santos

Coach Dos Santos gave a few thoughts on tonight's game

Pasher and Oliviera have been two key contributors
Pasher and Oliviera have been two key contributors
Thad Bell

Last minute preview from Coach Marc Dos Santos before Swope Park Rangers play Rio Grande Valley FC.

About the team coming off the loss to Portland...

"We are coming out of a tough trip, a very tough road trip to play Portland that generated a bit of fatigue but they (RGVFC) also played on Saturday and they are also a team that is going to travel. So when it comes to the fatigue factor it is going to be very similar. When it comes to the last game, Portland overall and especially in the second half it is not a result that we deserved so the guys are a little bit frustrated that we were not able to get out of the Portland game with at least a point. "

About RGVFC?

"Now we have to answer here, RGV is the team at the moment that is the hottest probably in the USL. They are six games now without losing, they are a team that has a lot of quality going forward. They have a midfield that is dynamic and can create problems and two wingers, especially Escalante and Rodriguez that are very fast, good 1v1 and good getting in behind. This is a game that is going to stretch us a lot and this is a game that we are going to need to be very focused if we want to get out with the three points."

Getting players back?

"Dane (Kelly) should be back if not for the game away against Vancouver, then the next one at home. He is in a very good position to come back. We also have Aryton that has gotten involved in a very good way with the club. He's adapted quick and I think Aryton could give us a couple minutes in the game. He should be in the 18 and we will see how it goes from there. It is important that we give all of these guys games and we still have twenty games left, we've only done one third of the season and I really believe the team is just going to grow from here."

About the Alec Kann loan...

"Yes, he is a goalkeeper with many great qualities and a good human being and a good athlete it is important for the first team to keep him fresh. It is important to keep your keepers fresh and ready to go and when you a B team in your backyard it allow you to use them, especially when then are at home. This is a good thing, not only for us but also a good thing for Alec."

Our preview can be seen here...

Kann in training with SPR - Thad Bell

Kann in training with SPR - Thad Bell