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FC Kansas City Falls to Washington Spirit

The Blues rally at the end but come up short as Washington takes a 3-2 win

FCKC's Shea Groom scored her third goal in two games but it was not enough
FCKC's Shea Groom scored her third goal in two games but it was not enough
Thad Bell

The Blues faced the Spirit for the second time in three weeks, but once again failed to come away unbeaten despite a late rally. The game began with an early foul on Blues forward Tiffany McCarty in the 12th minute, resulting in the first freekick of the game. Newly signed defensive-midfielder, Lo'eau LaBonta, earned a yellow card for a challenge in the 28th minute. In the 42nd minute, midfielder Frances Silva had a shot on goal, but keeper, Kelsey Wys was able to stop the ball. The first half contained back and forth play with both teams having several shots, but nothing came to fruition until stoppage time when Argentinian forward Estefania Banini managed to put a goal in the back of the net for Washington leaving the Blues down 0-1 at the end of the half.

FC Kansas City came out fighting at the start of the second half, with an early shot by Erika Tymrak that was shot over the crossbar. It was in the 58th minute when Joanna Lohman was able to put the Spirit up by 2. The Blues finally scored in the 69th minute off of a corner kick from Tymrak that was headed into the goal by Silva. Banini had her second goal of the night in the 83rd minute, putting the Spirit up 3-1. The Blues fought hard the remainder of the game and Shea Groom managed to put one more in the back of the net in stoppage time, but despite their effort they were unable to equalize.

Overall, the Blues had a solid game but there were some mistakes that cost them the game and unfortunately the players weren't alone in their mistakes., After the game, both FC Kansas City fans and Spirit fans who attended the game were talking about mistaken calls both ways by the referees. When the rival teams are saying there were mistakes made on the other side, it makes one stop to think about how officials truly can impact a game. Nevertheless, FC Kansas City proved that despite all of the challenges that face them this season, they are not just going to give up. They will keep fighting.