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FC Kansas City tops Western New York 1-0

Barnhart comes up big for the Blues and Groom finds the lone goal FC Kansas City needed

Barnhart made an incredible 14 saves
Barnhart made an incredible 14 saves
Thad Bell

FC Kansas City brought home their fourth win of the season in a 1-0 victory against third place ranked Western New York Flash.

The first half contained back and forth play between the opposing teams. The first yellow card of the game went to New York's midfielder Janice Cayman in the 20th minute. In the 25th minute, FC Kansas City forward Shea Groom takes a shot that goes over the crossbar. The Flash had a chance of their own in the 27th minute from forward Lynn WIlliams. Frances Silva took a shot in the 33rd minute, followed by a diving save by goalkeeper Nicole Barnhart off of a shot once again from Williams. The back and forth play would continue through the first half through stoppage time, which would see another yellow card for Flash player Michaela Hahn.

The second half began with an exciting save by Barnhart and the excitement continued with a flip throw-in in the 50th minute.The 55th minute saw the first yellow card for a Blues player, given to Molly Menchel in her first start in Kansas City. The Blues were finally able to find the back of the net in the 60th minute, as forward Shea Groom was able to make it past former FC Kansas City teammate Katelyn Rowland. In the 86th minute there was a 3 part save by Barnhart and defender Brittany Taylor. Barnhart blocked the ball, Taylor saved the rebound and Barnhart was finally able to send the ball out of bounds. Despite having 24 shots, 14 of them being on goal, the Flash were unable to get a ball past Nicole Barnhart.

The team has showed in the previous weeks without the National team players that they have the fighting spirit it takes to win. They are finally beginning to show their true colors and find the back of the net, which was missing early on in the season. With any luck, hopefully they will be able to continue to rise up the ranks and make it to the playoffs this year.