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FC Kansas City and Missouri Comets owner Brad Likens says emails are fake

Brad Likens, one of the FC Kansas City and Missouri Comets owners linked to explicit and demeaning emails, has responded calling the emails fake.

Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Two of FC Kansas City's and the Missouri Comets' owners have been linked to anonymously released emails that show sexually demeaning comments regarding players and explicit images of professional players, part of an ongoing story surrounding a lawsuit between the owners, Brad and Greg Likens, and Missouri Comets co-owner Brian Budzinski.

One of the owners shown in the emails, Brad Likens, said that the emails were falsified.

"Lawsuit is hilarious and the emails fake," Likens said.

The emails can be found here. They are dated in 2013 and feature modeling pictures of various professional women's soccer players as well as comments about the players' image. The names attached to the emails are of Brad and Greg Likens, as well as Chris Likens, their father, and Budzinski.

The lawsuit revolves around Budzinski saying that the Likens have been making decisions without him, which he claims is in violation of the Comets' holding company (Top of the Arc LLC)'s policy that all decisions need to be made by 75 percent of the management committee, which consists of the Likens and Budzinski.

FC Kansas City have not responded to a request for comment as of time of writing.