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Sporting KC not likely to add any last minute players in transfer window

Manager Peter Vermes has been shopping but has not found the right players at the right price

Despite some good results lately, Sporting was attempting to add more players
Despite some good results lately, Sporting was attempting to add more players
Thad Bell

Sporting Kansas City has been shopping but have been unable to find the right deal. "We're trying, I would say right now it is not looking great," SKC manager Peter Vermes stated Wednesday morning. "We've done a lot of work but the market is not looking good right now."

The secondary MLS transfer window, the period when a team can add a player under contract is coming to a close today but no additional moves are likely for Sporting KC.

Reports had popped up that Sporting KC was pursuing Sebastian Blanco, an Argentinean attacking midfielder that currently plays for San Lorenzo and Vermes confirmed an attempt to acquire Blanco. "We have been in conversations to see if we could work out a deal around that player but I don't feel like it is going to get to where we want it to be."

Vermes did not go into details but talked about the transfer market being over priced at the moment. "As an organization, we are not going to go out and willy-nilly spend money just because people are saying that is what they want or clubs are demanding that for a player," Vermes stated. "There has been a lot of overpaying in our league."

It sounds like clubs and players have taken note of MLS clubs and other leagues splashing cash around but that is not how Vermes is going to build his club.

"It's not overpaying, it's not like you are just paying a premium. It is over the top. It's over overpaying for someone and we are not going to do that. We will wait it out; we will work within the confines of that. It does not mean we don't want to win. It doesn't mean any of those things just that we have to be responsible in what we do and the decisions that we make."

No Frimpong either

Not only will Sporting KC probably not land Blanco, it sounds like Emmanuel Frimpong's attempt to catch on with Vermes' squad has ended also. Former Arsenal midfielder Frimpong was in camp for a trial with Sporting Kansas City last week but had already left by last Friday. Vermes confirmed today that Frimpong "is not going to happen."