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Sporting KC 2016 Salaries Updated

The MLSPU put out updated 2016 salaries for the entire MLS, including Sporting Kansas City.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Sporting KC Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The second and final salary release from the MLS Players Union came out today to give us an updated glimpse into what the players are making, beyond what we knew earlier this year. Overall, not a lot has changed from what we already knew for Sporting Kansas City. There are some new players on the team, who weren’t around in May 2016, so we now know how much they are making.

The new players that weren’t on the previous list include brand new signing Benji Joya along with Emmanuel Appiah and Ever Alvarado. Spoiler alert, they are all being paid at the league minimum rate of $51,500 for a lower roster player (somehow Appiah is being paid eight cents less).

Outside of those players who were not in the league, Cameron Porter came over from the Montreal Impact in the Amadou Dia trade. Porter is making a guaranteed compensation of $69,750.00.

There were additional changes in guaranteed compensation, though no based salaries appeared to have changed. Nuno Andre Coelho is now making $415,5000.00, up from $375,000.00 in May. One would assume he got some sort of bonus since he jumped up over 40 grand. Melia also crept up an additional $2,500.00 and Chance Myers jumped up $25,000.00.

The only player to have their salary drop (who is still on the roster) was Diego Rubio. He dropped from $333,000.00 in May when he was considered a Young Designated Player down to $196,875.00 today. The team had indicated he was no longer a DP and the new lower salary supports that. Everyone else on the team remains unchanged. The full list is below.