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FC Kansas City defeats Sky Blue FC in a come from behind victory

The Blues notch a late win over Sky Blue FC

Yael Averbuch scored the game winner on a restart
Yael Averbuch scored the game winner on a restart
Thad Bell

After finally having all of the international players back from the Olympics, the Blues came from behind to take all three points. The game began with a surprising face sitting on the bench. Midfielder Erika Tymrak who is a usual starter, was left on the bench in favor of forward Caroline Kastor. Sky Blue FC won an early corner kick that was collected by Nicole Barnhart. Defender Yael Averbuch sent a great freekick around the wall and directly into the arms of Sky Blue's goalkeeper, Caroline Stanley in the 6th minute. The first half was a battle of the goalkeepers with save after save by both keepers until the 40th minute when forward Sam Kerr made a great shot into the top corner of the net that was unreadable by Barnhart. In the 45th minute, the Blues even the score with a goal by forward Tiffany McCarty.

The second half began with an early substitution, bringing in Erika Tymrak for Caroline Kastor in the 57th minute, only to have to sub out Tymrka for SIlva in the 61st minute due to an injury. In the 84th minute Yael Averbuch sent a beautiful free kick into the back of the net, putting the Blues up 2-1. (And as a bonus, it was during the time when Domino's gives a small free pizza the day after with a ticket stub from the game.) Even with 4 additional minutes of stoppage time, the Blue managed to maintain possession and Sky Blue didn't have much of a chance at a goal for the remainder of the game.

Since the Western New York Flash tied this weekend, the only way for the Blues to go into the playoffs this season would be if they win the remaining games and WNYF loses their remaining games. At that point it would come down to goal differential, because the first tie-breaker is head-to-head (they won one, we won one). Hope remains for the Blues as they approach the last 3 games of the  2016 season.