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Championship rings stolen from Economides

A lifetime of memories stolen and a father’s pain refreshed

Chris Economides spoke at a press conference fot he Missouri Comets when he was the MISL commissioner
Thad Bell

Any time someone’s home is robbed there is a feeling of being violated, of not being secure in your own space. When Chris Economides realized he had been robbed and what was missing, he was devastated.

Chris has been around soccer for decades and had an impressive collection of championship rings. He was one of the owners of the Kansas City Attack when they won the championship in the 1992-93 season. He also had rings from the 1998, 2000 and 2001 league championships for the Rochester Raging Rhinos.

Economides’ most prized ring was from the Rhinos U.S. Open Cup championship in 1999. The only time a lower division team has won the Open Cup since Major League Soccer started. The Rhinos beat four MLS teams to take the title.

“These were my prized possessions, my life’s achievement,” Economides said. “The reason I am taking it so hard, the rings were meant as heirlooms for my two sons, Steven and Alex.”

Steven passed away a couple years ago at just 29 years old and it is clear when talking to Chris that he is still grieving at the loss. While he could not pass the rings on to Steven anymore he still could have given them to Alex but with the tangible memories of his life gone, Chris can no longer do that.

“I promised these rings to my other son Alex and in my mind I feel not only have I been violated but my son Steven’s memory has been desecrated in a sense,” Economides admitted. The theft has refreshed the pain of his son’s death.

Asking for help

Chris praised the local police, “The police have been wonderful and have a lead to who it may be but have been unable to locate him.” The police have contacted pawn shops and have been looking for the rings but Economides would appreciate some help. He fears the thief may have melted the rings down or tried to pry gems off and sell them separately.

If anyone has information or runs across the rings for sale, they can contact the Clearwater Florida police and ask for officer Campbell. Economides is offering a reward also.