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Comets rebrand to iconic Kansas City Comets name

The team has wanted to change to the traditional name for a while and was finally able to accomplish the rebrand

The Missouri Comets have reclaimed the old name
Thad Bell

When the Comets returned to the scene in 2010 they assumed the Missouri Comets name. While most of the area and indoor fans around the country recalled the Kansas City Comets, the team was unable to use Kansas City in the name. After six seasons, the team has at long last been able to rename and reclaim the Kansas City Comets title.

“Although we have enjoyed being the Missouri Comets and experienced tremendous success, we are thrilled to have “Kansas City” in front our name going forward,” Comets Vice President of Business Operations Scott Levinson said via press release. “The Kansas City Comets have a long history in this town, and the name really resonates with longtime fans who attended Comets games at Kemper years ago. We’ll have a lot of fun promotions tied around the rebranding, but one thing’s for sure though - the fun and excitement that fans have come to expect at our games will not change one bit.”

Through the team’s initial lease to play at the Independence Event Center they were required to be either Missouri or Independence Comets but that requirement has been relaxed and the team has taken advantage of the opportunity to revert to the classic name.

The original Kansas City Comets were created when the San Francisco Fog moved to the city in 1981 and lasted until 1991. Another iteration of the Kansas City Comets ran from 2001-2005.

Currently the Kansas City Comets are without a coach as Vlatko Andonovski stepped down a few weeks ago to focus on his other coaching duties with FC Kansas City. The Comets are expected to announce his replacement in the near future.

Kansas City Comets live!
Kansas City Comets