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A thank you to Chance Myers

Chance was always a class act

Thad Bell

While we knew it was going to happen, the official Chance Myers is a Portland Timber news finally dropped on Monday. Chance has always been a class act. Coming off the training field smiling with a positive attitude, always happily stopping to sign autographs for fans and posing for photos.

Chance’s easy going, laid back attitude off the field did not stop him from working hard and overcoming several injuries to not only come back and play, but get better each time.

Looking so young
Thad Bell

Myers was the Humanitarian of the Year for Sporting KC in 2016 and was constantly involved in the community. It seemed whenever Sporting Kansas City needed a player to interact with kids, Chance was the first one to volunteer.

Chance has always been good on the field but was even better off of it. Kansas City lost a good person and Portland gained a good role model.

You will be missed Chance. On behalf of myself, my family and The Blue Testament, we wish you all the best in Portland. (Except when “we” play you and then we hope to torch you for a few goals.)

Oh, and make sure to kick Seattle’s rear as often as possible for everyone.

This is Chance’s thank you...

I'll try to keep this short... • “Chance, like take a chance.” That’s often how I describe my name during any introduction. In some ways though, my soccer journey has been a game of chance. A journey that has been filled with highs, lows and some chapters left to be written. • In 2008 I took a chance, left college early and went to the MLS combine. In return the Kansas City Wizards and Peter Vermes took a chance on me as their first overall pick. During my time with SKC, I had a tremendous support system and for that, I am forever grateful. • To all my coaches the past 9 years in KC... It's been a hell of a ride. Your commitment is unreal. I want to thank you for teaching me something every single day and sticking with me from day one. • To the support staff... the behind the scenes people who demonstrate what it takes for a club to be successful--your dedication to making my life easier will never be taken for granted. • To the owners... thank you for being truly involved in the process. Seeing how in tune you guys are with the team is special. Each and every one of you guys made me feel like family. I cherish that aspect of what you do the most. • To the fans... thank you for being insanely loyal. You guys were there for me every step of the way. Your support is what drives the pulse of SKC. I leave by saying how appreciative I am of your passion. Whenever I bump in to one of you guys out and about, just know I felt the love. I truly enjoyed meeting as many of you as possible over the years. • To my teammates... so much love all around. As I leave KC I hope you all know how much you guys mean to me. It was an honor playing beside each of you guys. I wish nothing but the best for all of you. • As a player, it is important for me to continue to take chances. It’s time for me to push myself outside of my comfort zone so that I can continue to grow and evolve. I’m excited for this new adventure and next chapter with the Timbers. I have more to prove and I am ready to get to work. • Kansas City will always hold a special place in my heart. It's where I met my wife, it's where I called home for 9 years and it's where I met all of you. Much love, Chance. #RAAAA

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